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Articles published in the NZ Journal of Physiotherapy from 1964 to 1980

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May 1964, Vol. 3., No. 6 (44)

Editorial: Can we solve our biggest problem? Pg. 3 M. D. Hartridge. Treatment of a brain damaged infant. Pg. 4 M. Morley. Spinal injury treatment at Stoke Manderville. Pg. 7 B. R. Mulligan. Variations in cervical and lumbar traction techniques. Pg. 12 G. Park. Physiotherapy in rheumatology: Early care of rheumatoid arthritis. Pg. 14 Panel discussion: Pain in the arm. Pg. 19 M. Morley. Joint measurement project. Pg. 21 Physiotherapy overseas: J. de Bruek. Impressions of a rehabilitation centre in Holland. Pg. 23 P. Davies. Physiotherapy in Finland. Pg. 24 Have you tried this? P. A. Simmers. Carpel Tunnel Splint. Pg 25 W. J. Johnstone. Velcro fastener. Pg. 25 Te Karere. Pg 27 New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists Fellowship. Pg. 28 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 29 Retirement: Miss Beryl Service. Pg 32 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 33 Council notes. Pg. 34 Branch notes. Pg. 36 Review. Pg. 37 Symposium on cerebral palsy. Part two: Training and education Film review. Pg. 37 Early treatment of cerebral palsy Department of Health library service. Pg. 38 Abstracts. Pg. 39 Obituary. Pg. 44 Sarah Snodgrass Margaret McFarlane (nee Stringfellow)

November 1964, Vol. 3., No. 7 (45)

Editorial: Salaries Claims. Pg. 3 New Editor: Mrs L.C. Gardiner. Pg. 4 Susan Simcock. The “Artifical Cough”. Pg. 5 Ronald G. Howes. Spinal manipulation. Pg. 9 S.H. Ward. The TOWER System of Vocational Evaluation. Pg. 13 Margaret Draper. An Introduction to the Utilization of Sensory Receptors in Therapy. Pg. 17 John Borrie. The Danger of Diathermy near Patients with Implanted Cardiac Pacemakers. Pg. 19 D.M. Chang. Physiotherapy in the “Lion City”. Pg. 20 Have You Tried This? M.S. Morley. Rest Splint Fixation. Pg. 21 W.J. Johnstone. Folding seat. Pg. 21 Joan C. McGrath. N.Z. School of Physiotherapy: The Principal Retires. Pg. 22 Correspondence: Bernice Thompson. In Reply to the Critics. Pg. 23 P.A. Simmers. Treatment of a Brain Damaged Infant. Pg. 23 Dominion Conference, 1965. Pg. 25 Te Karere. Pg. 26 Council Notes. Pg. 27 Branch Notes. Pg. 29 Department of Health Library Service. Pg. 36 Book Reviews: Outline of Fractures, John Crawford Adams. Pg. 37 Cerebral Palsy: the Pioneer Years of Occupational Therapy in Scotland, A. Katherine Levin. Pg. 37 Abstracts. Pg. 39 Obituary: Gerald Joyce. Pg. 43 Donald McPhee. Pg. 43

May 1965, Vol. 3., No. 8 (46)

Editorial: Stocktaking. Pg. 3 M. E. Brown. Comments on salary scales. Pg. 3 Physiotherapists – Amended salary scales. Pg. 4 Personality profile: Miss Margaret Hartridge F.N.Z.S.P. Pg. 6 J. Morris. The present position and biomechanical problems of total replacement of the hip joint. Pg. 7 M. Draper. Some aspects of neurophysiology in relation to physiotherapy treatment. Pg. 12 J. R. M. Davidson. Pyogenic infections of the fingers. Pg. 18 G. M. Gorick. Trial of sheepskin boots in the prevention of pressure areas on the feet. Pg. 20 M. D. Hartridge. A developmental approach to early treatment of cerebral palsy. Pg. 23 P. M. Payne. Physiotherapy in Hong Kong. Pg. 25 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy The new Principal. Pg. 28 Principal’s report. Pg. 29 Te Karere. Pg. 31 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 33 Branch notes. Pg. 36 Book reviews. Pg 37 P. A. Ring – The care of the injured A. Naylor – Fractures and orthopaedic surgery for nurses G. Beard & E. C. Wood – Massage, principles and techniques G. B. Abel – Physiotherapy related to prosthetics G. D. Maitland – Vertebral manipulation Department of Health library service. Pg. 38 Have you tried this? Pg. 39 Rocking board Personal. Pg. 39 Abstracts. Pg. 41

November 1965, Vol. 3., No. 9 (47)

Editorial: A Significant Step. Pg. 3 Richard G. Robinson. Parkinsonism. Pg. 4 Barbara Makgill. Acquired Aphasia. Pg. 12 C.B. Stainforth. Physiotherapy in Obstetrics. Pg. 7 Pamela Gregory. Physiotherapy and Speect Therapy for Speech Defective Patients. Pg. 14 Hilary Boyd-Wilson. Physiotherapy in Speech Disorders. Pg. 16 Glen park. A Glimpse at Physiotherapy in Israel. Pg. 20 Personality Profile: Miss Joan McGrath, M.N.Z.S.P. Have You Tried This? Ankle Exerciser. Pg. 24 Te Karere. Pg. 25 Branch Notes. Pg. 26 Council News. Pg. 28 World Federation of Physical Therapy. Pg. 29 Book Reviews: Text Book of Orthpaedic Medicine, Volume II: Treatment by Manipulation and Massage. James Cyriax. Pg. 33 Physiotherapy Monographs. Pg. 33 Department of Health Library Service. Pg. 34 Abstracts. Pg. 35

May 1966, Vol. 3., No. 10 (48)

Editorial: The world at our doorstep. Pg. 3 S. Glendining. Physiotherapy in cardio-thoracic surgery. Pg. 4 P. Payne. Ice: Its part in physiotherapy treatment today. Pg. 9 A. R. Forbes. Current thinking in individual psychotherapy. Pg. 14 J. Duncan. The Brisbane spastic children’s centre. Pg. 19 J. A. Baird. Hydatid disease. Pg. 23 G. M. Gorrick. An unusual use for the kromayer lamp. Pg. 25 M. Draper and B. Huss. New techniques adapted to the treatment of facial palsy. Pg. 26 Personality profile: Mr Keith Ritson. Pg 28 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy: Principal’s report. Pg. 29 Correspondence: Physiotherapy and rugby – P. G. Stokes. Pg. 31 World Confederation For Physical Therapy: News from the bulletin. Pg. 32 Te Karere (The Messenger). Pg. 35 Branch notes. Pg. 37 Book reviews. Pg 38: H. E. M. Welch – A guide for the medical secretary A. B. McNaught – Companion to ‘Illustrated Physiology’ R. Elson – Practical management of spinal injuries S. Paris – The spinal lesion Abstracts. Pg. 40: H. P. Aidem and L. D. Baker. (1964) Synovectomy of the knee joint in rheumatoid arthritis. Journal of the American Medical Association, 187, 4-6. J. S. Lawrence, J. Sharp, J. Ball and F. Bier. (1964) Rheumatoid arthritis of the lumbar spine. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 23, 205-217. M. Kinsbourne . (1964) Hiatus hernia with contortions of the neck. Lancet, 1, 1058-1061. H. G. Canter and P. C. Luchsinger . (1964) The treatment of respiratory failure without mechanical assistance. American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 248, 206-211. H. J. Flax. (1964)Ultrasound treatment of peritendinitis calcarea of the shoulder. American Journal of Physical Medicine, 43, 117-124. R. Laplane, G. Desbuquois, D. Graveleau and B. Grenier. (1964) Poliomyelitis in association with bacterial meningitis. Archives francaises de pediatrie, 21, 801-808. Situations vacant. Pg. 45.

November 1966, Vol. 3., No. 11 (49)

Editorial. Pg. 3 F. Whiteling. What about the business of physiotherapy. Pg. 4 D. E. Caughey. Some aspects of the surgical treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Pg. 7 P. Alexander. Passive and active patterning programmes for cerebral palsied children. Pg. 10 A. James. Pain and neurosurgery. Pg. 15 G. M. Gorick. Lying-standing rocking-bed. Pg. 19 Treatment notes H. Harbutt & E. Guy – A method of quadriceps development. Pg. 23 P. Alexander – Horse-riding. Pg 25 The healing of pressure areas. Pg. 26 Obituary: Ronald Keeble. Pg. 27 Personality profile: Miss Glen Park. Pg. 28 General news. Pg 29 Branch notes. Pg. 30 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 35 Book reviews. Pg. 40 Abstracts. Pg. 41

May 1967. Vol. 3., No. 12 (50)

Editorial: Outward Bound. Pg. 3 L. Mirkin. Scoliosis. Pg. 4 M. Draper. Sensibility of the hand. Pg. 14 B. James. Psychological medicine and the physiotherapist. Pg. 20 B. D. Tomlinson. Management in practice: A charge physiotherapist discusses organization. Pg. 24 WM. C. Shirer. Management of varicose ulcers. Pg. 28 G. M. Gorrick. Plastic-foam mattress and seat for handicapped child. Pg. 30 Personality profile: B. D. Tomlinson. Pg. 32 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy: Principal’s report. Pg. 33 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 36 Branch notes. Pg. 39 Book reviews. Pg. 43: Joan E. Cash – Physiotherapy in some surgical conditions H. Heardman – Relaxation and exercise for natural childbirth R. Cailliett - Neck and arm pain Abstracts. Pg. 45 J. A. R. Lenman and J. L. Potter. (1966) Electromyographic measurement of fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis and neuromuscular disease. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 25, 76-84. H. Serre, L. Simon and J. Clautre. (1966)The “tunnell” origin of certain painful syndromes of the arm. Revue du rhumatisme et des maladies osteoarticulaires, 33, 231-246. J. C. F. Gregan. (1966) Internal fixation of the unstable rheumatoid cervical spine. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 25, 242-252. W. C. Stolov and T. G. Weilep. (1966) Passive length-tension relationship of intact muscle, epimysium and tendon in normal and denervated gastrochemius of the rat. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 612-20. D. I. Abramson, S. Tuck, S. W. Lee, G. Richardson and L. S.W. Chu. (1966). Vascular basis for pain due to cold. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 300-305. Situations vacant. Pg. 50 

November 1967. Vol 3., No. 13 (51)

Editorial: The Right Person. Pg 3 J. Christie. Physiotherapy in a leprosy reconstruction surgical unit in New Guinea. Pg. 4 L. Ring. The role of physiotherapy in the prevention of industrial accidents. Pg. 11 J. Curry. Paraplegic team to Jamaica. Pg. 14 J.H.Hislop. Local treatment of burns. Pg. 17 Treatment notes: J. Hawes. Care of the burns patient. Pg. 19 A. Weston. A limbless child. Pg. 21 G.M.Gorick. Making a wheelchair narrower. Pg. 23 19th Dominion Conference programme. Pg. 24 World Confederation of Physical Therapy. Pg. 26 Reflections on Congress. Pg. 27 Postgraduate course update. Pg. 29 S.V. Paris. Manipulations newsletter. Pg. 35 General news. Pg. 36 Branch notes. Pg. 37 Book reviews. Pg. 39 Abstracts. Pg. 41.

May 1968. Vol. 3, No. 14 (52)

Editorial: Ethics. Pg. 3 G. D. Maitland. Selection and assessment of patients for spinal manipulation. Pg.4 M. Draper. Aids to improving vocalization. Pg. 11 M. Ebner. Connective tissue massage: Therapeutic application. Pg. 18 P. Alexander. Functional bracing as an effective adjunct to neuro-physiological approaches to treatment of cerebral palsy. Pg. 23 S. Paris. Manipulation newsletter. Pg. 29 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy: Principals Report. Pg. 30 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 32 G. Park. The society and the world confederation. Pg. 34 Branch Notes. Pg. 35 Book reviews. Pg. 39 B. Thompson. Asthma and your child R. Sohier. Kinesitherapy of the shoulder M. Ebner. Physiotherapy in obstetrics Situations vacant. Pg. 45 Abstracts. Pg. 47 M. J. Francon. (1966). Indications for the walking-stick and medical correction of apparent shortening in hip disease. Rheumatologie, 18, 255-60. W. W. Fox. (1966). A new approach to the aetiology and medical treatment of arthritis of the hip. British Journal of Clinical Practice, 20, 611-617. (1968). Entrapment neuropathy in the upper limb. Lancet.

November 1968. Vol. 3., No. 15 (53)

Editorial. Mary Louise Roberts, O. B. E. Pg. 3 I . B. Sim. Mobilization and manipulative techniques for the cervical spine. Pg. 4 H. Walden Fitzgerald. The modern management of the lower extremity amputee. Pg. 7 E. W. Dempster. The immediate fitting technique for artificial llimbs. Pg. 9 D. Doherty. Physiotherapy in immediate post-surgical prosthesis. Pg. 13 I. Lichter. Spontaneous pneumothorax. Pg. 14 J. Hawes. Physiotherapy treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax. Pg. 18 B. Thompson and H. T. Thompson. Forced expiration exercise in asthma and their effect on FEV1. Pg. 19 P. Alexander. Passive and active patterning programmes for cerebral palsied children. Pg. 21 Wheelchairs – 1968. Pg. 24 M. M. White. Physical therapy in industry: A report from Ireland. Pg. 27 New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists. Dominion President, 1968: Leonard Ring. Pg. 31 S. V. Paris. A new emphasis on the treatment of the acute low back problem. Pg. 32 World Confederation for Physical Therapy: President’s message. Pg. 35 Architectural barriers: The campaign in New Zealand. Pg. 36 Branch notes. Pg. 37 Postgraduate course, 1969. Pg. 41 Book reviews. Pg. 42: G. Bremner Abel. Walking skills for amputees D. Neumann-Neurode. Baby gymnastics E. Bolten. Pool Exercises L. P. Burns. Your baby and your figure Abstracts. Pg. 43: R. D. Freeman. (1967). Controversy over “patterning” as a treatment for brain damage in children. Journal of the American Medical Association, 202, 5. A. P. Millar and J. Salmon. (1967). Muscle tears. Australian Journal of Sports Medicine, 35-38. W. Y. Loebl. (1967). Measurement of spinal posture and range of spinal movement. Annals of Physical Medicine, IX (3) L. R. Carney. (1967). Considerations of the course and treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. Neurology. Situations vacant. Pg. 44

May 1969. Vol. 3., No. 16 (54)

Editorial: On articulation. Pg. 3 M. J. Hammond & G. D. Maitland. Teaching manipulation to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Pg. 4 J. Cyriax. Manipulation by physiotherapists. Pg. 8 I. B. Sim. Mobilization and manipulation techniques for the cervical spine. Part II. Pg. 13 M. A. Vennell. Professional liability in relation to the practice of physiotherapy. Pg. 16 J. P. Simcock. Spasticity. Pg. 20 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy: Principal’s report. Pg. 23 G. H. Oldham. Have you need of this? Hydraulically adjustable plinth. Pg. 25 M. Draper. Treatment note: Aids to sensory stimulation. Pg. 25 S. V. Paris. Manipulation newsletter. Pg. 26 World Confederation for Physical Therapy President’s Message. Pg. 27 Sixth international congress. Pg. 28 General news. Pg. 29 Branch notes. Pg. 31 Book reviews. Pg 33 Correspondence. Pg. 34 Abstracts. Pg. 35 Chartered Society of Physiotherapy: Employment Regulations. Pg. 36 Obituary: Miss S. M. Smith. Pg. 38

November, 1969. Vol. 3., No. 17 (55)

Editorial: On travel. Pg. 3 M. Dunshea. Facial paralysis. Pg. 4 M. Draper. Conservative management of the spastic foot. Pg. 9 A. R. Orr. Methods of application of below-knee plasters in cerebral palsy. Pg. 13 C. E. Reed. The limb-deficient child. Pg. 15 J. Wilson. Restoration of functional living through a team approach. Pg. 19 B. R. Harvey. Ulrasonics – an evaluation. Pg. 22 N. Z. S. P. 20th Dominion Conference: Preliminary Programme. Pg. 26 I. B. Sim. Mobilization and manipulative techniques for the cervical cpine. Pg. 28 W. C. Clark. Writing a paper. Pg. 31 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 34 Branch Notes. Pg. 37 Book reviews. Pg. 41: I. Odeen. Treatment on the tilt table P. J. Waddinton. Physiotherapy in artificial respiration M. Knott and D. E. Voss. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation Abstracts. Pg. 43 R. Ljungquist. (1968). Subcutaneous partial rupture of the Achilles tendon. Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica, Suppl. 13 S. A. Mellick, J. McCaffrey and G. Fielding. (1968). Civilian arterial injury. Medical Journal of Australia, 22 G. S. Swan. (1968). Limbfitting for amputees with vascular disease. Medical Journal of Australia, 22 E. A. Salam and W. S. Elyahky. (1968). Evaluation of prognosis and treatment in Bell’s Palsy in Children. Acta paediatrica Scandinavica, 57, 468-472. W. Martel, M. R. Abell, W. M. Miekelsen, and W. M. Whitehouse. (1968). Pulmonary and pleural lesions in rheumatoid disease. Radiology, 90, 641-653. Postgraduate courses. Pg. 48 Situations vacant. Pg. 48

May, 1970. Vol. 3, No. 18 (56)

Editorial. Change is inevitable. In a progressive country change is constant – Disraeli. Pg. 3 P. G. Wood & E. R. Nye. An exercise programme for patients with ischaemic heart disease. Pg. 5 N. Roydhouse. Nasal obstruction in children. Pg. 11 M. Hanan. Treatment of advanced status asthmaticus. Pg. 15 K. T. Denham. An introduction to electromyography. Pg. 19 I. B. Sim. Mobilization and manipulative techniques for the thoracic spine - Part IV: The thoracic spine, Th.3 – Th. 12. Pg. 24 M. A. McKenzie. Some observations on physiotherapy in Indonesia. Pg. 27 World Confederation For Physical Therapy. Pg. 29 Book reviews. Pg. 30: R. St. J. Buxton. Maternal respiration in Labour P. A. Ring. The care of the injured W. E. Tucker. Home treatment and posture J. T. E. Riddle. Elementary textbook of anatomy and physiology applied to nursing S. M. Blencowe. Cerebral palsy and the young child Branch notes. Pg 32 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy Principal’s Report. Pg. 33 Items of interest. Pg 35 Abstracts. Pg 37: Ilse Koerner. (1969). Clinic experiences and interpretation of the phantom limb phenomenon in amputee training. Journal of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. J. A. Kirk & G. D. Kersley. (1968). Heat and cold in the physical treatment of rheumatoid arthritis of the knee: a controlled clinical trial. Annals of Physical Medicine, 9, 270-4. B. Pitt. (1968). “Atypical” Depression following childbirth. British Journal of Psychiatry. J. Aicardi, J. Amsili & J. Chevrie. (1969). Acute hemiplegia in infancy and childhood. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 11, 162-173. F. Delbarre, B. Amor & F. Panahi. (1969). Involvement of the pelvic and spinal joints in Reiter’s Syndrome. Semaine des hopitaux de Paris, 45, 563-570. Private Practitioners. Pg. 41 Miscellaneous advertisements. Pg. 42

November 1970. Vol. 13(sic), No. 19 (57)

Editorial: Participation. Pg. 3 C. Lewis. At the head of Grafton Gully. Pg. 5 J. D. Sinclair. Physiology of exercise. Pg. 10 S. V. Paris. Gross spinal movements and their restriction as the basis of joint manipulation. Pg. 15 S. Glendining. The role of the physiotherapist in cardiac surgery. Pg. 19 J. Moore Tweed. Drugs in medicine: A review for physiotherapists. Pg. 23 I. B. Sim. Mobilization and manipulative techniques for the lumbar spine. Pg. 27 K. O. Enright. A report: Washable lambskin rugs for severely handicapped children. Pg. 30 Profile: National President: 1970 – Miss Joan Derbidge. Pg. 31 World Confederations for Physical Therapy. Pg. 32 Items of interest. Pg. 36 Letters to the Editor. Pg. 41 Branch notes. Pg. 43 Book reviews. Pg. 47 Abstracts. Pg. 49

May, 1971. Vol. 3, No. 20 (58)

Editorial – Which direction? Pg. 3 B. C. Turnball. A review of exfoliative dermatitis. Pg. 5 P. L. Wood. Neurodevelopmental method of assessment and treatment of cerebral palsy. Pg. 7 B. P. Barnes. The vocational guidance process for the physically disabled child. Pg 15 E. A. Kennedy. The state services remuneration and conditions of employment act. Pg 21 Forthcoming congresses. Pg. 23 Removable steps for swimming pool. Pg. 24 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 25 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy – Principal’s Report. Pg. 26 Branch notes. Pg. 27 Letters to the editor. Pg. 29 Book reviews. Pg. 31 Abstracts. Pg. 31 Obituary: Keith N. Ritson. Pg. 35 Private Practitioners. Pg. 37 Miscellaneous advertisements. Pg. 39 New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists. Pg. 40 Notice to contributors. Pg. 40

November, 1971. Vol. 3, No. 21 (59)

Editorial: The part-time physiotherapist. Pg. 3 R. Blunden. Total hip replacement. Pg. 5 F. M. Elkin. Total hip replacement: Physiotherapy treatment. Pg. 10 J. A. Kirk. Joint hypermobility. Pg. 13 L. M. Askew. Use of Entonox and IPPB in chest physiotherapy. Pg. 16 P. Watson. Microwaves – their effects and safe use. Pg. 20 A. S. Hoyle. Microwave: The Cindarella of physiotherapy. Pg. 25 G. Park. Controversy about physiotherapy education. Pg. 28 Treatment notes. Pg. 31 D. J. McIlroy. Total knee replacement. J. M. Sedcole. Three mechanical hoists for the disabled. World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 34 Branch notes. Pg. 37 Obituary: Donald S. McInnes. Pg. 39 Book review. Pg. 40 Abstracts. Pg. 42

May, 1972. Vol. 4, No. 1 (60)

Editorial – Physiotherapy teaching. Pg. 3 E. C. Minnigh. The changing concepts on the delivery of health care including physical therapy in the United States. Pg. 5 N. R. Borland. Teacher training: Has it a contribution for physiotherapy? Pg. 11 S. V. Paris. American physical therapy and New Zealand physiotherapy education compared. Pg. 15 M. H. Moon. Physiotherapy in a psychiatric setting. Pg. 21 M. Draper & J. Pryor. Report on a study made on 39 cases of Bell’s Palsy. Pg. 26 P. Barfoot. Some uses of a vibrator. Pg. 29 G. Park. Revised scheme of examinations. Pg. 32 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 35 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy – Director’s report for 1971. Pg. 37 Branch notes. Pg. 38 General news. Pg. 40 Abstracts. Pg. 43 Book Review. Pg. 44

August, 1972. Vol. 4, No. 2 – Supplementary Conference Issue (61)

New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists. Pg. 2 Notice to Contributors. Pg. 2 Conference issue. Pg. 3 G. L. Rolleston. Medical Education in the 1970s Pg. 4 F. T. L. Hull. The management of the coronary patient with projections into the future. Pg. 7 P. G. Wood. Case histories illustrating trends in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from coronary heart disease. Pg. 13 A. B. MacKenzie. Surgery in the lumbar spine. Pg. 18 H. E. G. Stevens. Limb deformities in cerebral palsy. Pg. 22 J. A. Kirk. The frozen shoulder. Pg. 25 M. Draper. The clinical application of muscle vibration. Pg. 31 J. Pryor. An introduction to clinical electromyography. Pg. 34 J. L. Hamer. Ice therapy – A review. Pg. 37 J. Ritchie. Interferential therapy. Pg. 39

November, 1972. Vol. 4, No. 3 (62)

T. Edwin Hall. Trends in psychiatry. Pg. 3 B. Ingram. Physiotherapy in the psychiatric hospital. Pg. 8 J. Miller. District physiotherapy. Pg. 11 E. C. Minnigh & E. R. Blonsky. Recording the facts. Pg. 15 The Development Centre, Otago Medical School and Health Board. Pg. 25 P. F. Schwartz. Wellington Hospital combined clinic for spina bifida. Pg. 29 J. N. Dawson. With the Red Cross in Singapore. Working in the Crippled Children’s Home. Pg. 30 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 32 General News. Pg. 35 Obituary: Wei Mun Change. Pg. 37 Branch notes. Pg. 37

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