Journal Catalogue - 1955 - 1963

Articles published in the NZ Journal of Physiotherapy from 1955 to 1963

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April, 1955, (No. 28)

Editorial. Pg. 3 Ian Macgregor. Physiotherapy and Geriatrics. Pg. 4 Joan Derbidge and Hester Graham. A Polio Unit. Pg. 10 S. Handley. Stoke Mandeville. Pg. 12 Thoracic Physiotherapy at Sully Hospital, South Wales. Pg. 14 World Federation Section. Pg. 18 Report of the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 22 Branch Notes. Pg. 23 Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand-State Examination, 1954. Pg. 25 List of Private Practitioners. Pg. 31

September 1955 (No. 29)

B. L. Officer. Editorial. Pg. 3. C.M. Pike. Clinical Results of Exponential Current Stimulation. Pg. 4 Particia M. H. Andrews. Post-Graduate Cerebral Palsy Course Pg. 5 W.H. Stephenson, F.R.C.S.E. The Management of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Pg. 7 E.M. Gotts, Some Notes on Muscle Tone. Pg 11 Letters to the Editor. Pg. 13 World Confederation Notes. Pg. 15 Report of New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 16 Branch Notes. Pg. 16 List of Private Practitioners. Pg. 17

April 1957 (No. 30)

Mrs. M. F. Dunphy. Editorial. Pg. 3 A. B. Mackenzie, F.R.C.S. Orthopaedics Overseas. Pg. 4 Molly Turner. Posture and Pain. Pg. 7 Enid M. Gotts. Research by Physiotherapists in Electromyography. Pg. 10 Gladys M. Storey. Physical Therapy in Thoracic Surgery. Pg. 13 Dr. B. S. Rose. Recent Developments in the Treatment of Rheumatic Conditions. Pg. 17 Barbara Robbins. A Summer on the Coast of British Columbia. Pg. 21 Margaret Hartridge & Beryl Fisher. A New Field For Physiotherapists. Pg. 22 E. M. Gotts. Report of the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy, January, 1957. Pg. 22 Physiotherapy Board of State Examinations, 1956. Pg. 23 Branch Notes. Pg. 25 Social Notes. Pg. 26 Student Notes. Pg. 27 List of Practitioners. Pg. 27 Examination Papers, 1956. Pg. 28

September 1957, Vol. 2. No. 1 (31)

A. P. S. Smith. Editorial. Pg. 3 E. M. Gotts. Future of Training School at Stake. Pg. 4 Dr. J. Ballin, M.B., Ch.B. Some Notes on Mental Health. Pg. 7 John S. Maule. Progressive Muscular Resistance on Rehabilitation of Quadriceps. Pg. 12 I. A. Tyler. Lumbro-Sactral Strain. Pg 14. David Horne. The Australian Hospital Scene. Pg. 16 Eileen Montgomery. The Physical Therapist in the Obstetric Team. Pg. 22 President’s Annual Report. Pg. 28 Provisional Programme for Dominion Confidence. Pg. 29 Physiotherapy Bursaries. Pg. 30 World Confederation Report. Pg. 31 Branch Notes. Pg. 32 Colombo Plan. Pg. 33 Private Practitioners. Pg. 35 Situations Vacant. Pg. 36

April 1958, Vol. 2., No. 2 (32)

David Poswill. The painful clicking jaw. Pg. 4 James A Baird. Principles underlying the use of postural drainage in thoracic diseases. Pg. 11 A. W. Beasley. Low back pain. Pg. 16 N. Z. School of Physiotherapy Report. Pg. 20 Dominion Conference. Pg. 21 World Confederation Report. Pg. 23 Branch Notes. Pg 24 Final Exam Papers. Pg 25

October 1958. Vol. 2. No. 3 (33)

Brian Gandevia. The Principles of Clinical Research Work. Pg. 3 D. J. Gordon and M. J. Clague. Complications of Abdominal Surgery. Pg. 15 Gladys M. Storey. Breathing Exercises in the Treatment of Asthma and Pulmonary Emphysema. Pg. 17 Muriel Ross, Brian Gandevia, J. H. Bolton. The Rationale, Methods and Results of Physiotherapy for Asthma. Pg. 21 Letters to the Editor. Pg. 28 Social Security Amendment. Pg. 28 President of the W.C.P.T., Miss G.V.M. Griffin, Visits N.Z. Pg. 29 Branch Notes. Pg. 31 Situations Vacant. Pg. 32

April 1959, Vol. 2., No. 4 (34)

Physiotherapy Board to institute teacher training course in N. Z. Pg. 2 Dr B. S. Rose and Glen Park. Centenary of a disease: Rheumatoid arthritis. Pg. 3 Dr G. H. Levien. Physiotherapy on ophthalmology. Pg. 9 Salvatore Ferragamo. The importance of correctly fitting shoes. Pg. 11 Jean Curry. Civilian rehabilitation centre – Otara. Pg. 12 H. K. M. Keeling. A thoracic unit in Ceylon. Pg. 15 Letters to the editor Pg. 19 and 20 • Information inadequate – P. Alexander • Journal before newsletters – L. Sams • Overseas visitors – Susan Kirkwood • Ashamed? – E. M. Gotts • Book reviews – P. M. Stephenson • Diathermy units – C. A. McFarlane Jean Curry. Pan-Pacific rehabilitation conference. Pg. 21 Dominion president’s annual report. Pg. 24 World Confederation News. Pg. 25 Report from N. Z. School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 27 Branch notes. Pg. 30

November 1959, Vol. 2., No. 5. (35)

Contributed editorial: Problems for solution. Pg. 3 Letters to the editor. Pgs 4-7 • Teacher training – B. Wrather • Information inaccurate – Glen Park • Colombo plan students – H. K. M. Keeling • Deep frictions – I. A. T. • Text books – R. McKenzie David Robertson. Parkinsonism and its treatment. Pg. 9 Ethel Gaval. The problem of the paraplegic. Pg. 12 Sir W. Russell Brain. Pain. Pg. 15 Branch notes. Pg. 21 Wynn Parry. Electrical stimulation. Pg. 22

May 1960, Vol. 2., No. 6. (36)

Dominion conference, Christchurch. Pg. 4 Glen Park. The principles of neuromuscular re-education. Pg. 5 L. J. Roy. The scope of plastic surgery. Pg. 10 P. M. Stevenson. Physiotherapy in obstetrics. Pg. 12 T. W. Milliken. Some aspects of plastic surgery. Pg. 14 M. D. Hartridge. Treatment of cerebral palsy. Pg. 17 J. J. Tait. The production of micro-waves. Pg. 20 Rex Blunden. The use of metals by surgeons. Pg. 23 World Confederation news. Pg. 24 Letters to the editor. Pgs 25 and 26. • Teacher training – J. Derbridge • Shortage of personnel – P. Alexander • Miss Park’s letter – P. Alexander • Textbooks at the school – Philip D. Pattreiouex Branch news. Pg. 29 N. Z. School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 31

November 1960, Vol. 2., No. 7 (37)

Editorial: Basic problems for survey. Pg. 4 Report on Dept of Health and Education ‘Cerebral palsy conference’. Pg. 5 L. J. Kitching. Occupational Therapy. Pg. 10 A. MacDonald. Low Back Pain. Pg. 11 I. A. Tayler. Back Management. Pg. 13 C. M. Pike. Use of the E. M. G. Pg. 15 Report onCommonwealth Conference. Pg. 17 Branch notes. Pg. 21 New salary scale for physiotherapy. Pg. 24

June 1961, Vol. 2., No. 8 (38)

Editorial: Chiropractors’ Registration – A surprising measure. Pg. 4 M. D. Hartridge. Infantile hemiplegia. Pg 5 D. M. Mees. Some considerations on home programmes for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Pg. 9 T. Wareham & R. Farrow. Treatment of pain in the pre-axial border of the upper limb. Pg. 11 Branch report – Gymnastics in denmark. Pg. 13 P. Chatwin. A New Zealand at Westminster Hospital. Pg. 14 D. Gordon. Notes on the newer concepts of the treatment in hemiplegia. Pg. 16 S. Paris Jnr. The Rome Olympics. Pg. 19 N. Z. School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 22 State Examinations 1960. Pg. 24 Treatment notes. Pg. 27 Book reviews. Pg. 27 F. Lamaze. Painless childbirth P. Valley et al. Childbirth without pain Branch notes. Pg. 28

November 1961, Vol. 3., No. 1 (39)

H. J. Pow. A message from the president (loose insert) Editorial: Visiting physiotherapy services. Pg. 5 Editorial: Teacher training in New Zealand. Pg. 6 H. B. Turbott. Domiciliary care. Pg. 7 D. A. Larnder. Psoriasis – A 1961 appraisal. Pg. 9 P. W. Taffs. TV interference and the physiotherapist. Pg. 12 M. D. Hartridge. Cerebral Palsy: The R. H. athetoid. Pg. 15 B. D. Tomlinson. Physiotherapist in Morocco. Pg. 18 Have you tried this? Pg. 20 Have your read this? Pg. 22 Obituary: Miss May Vielle Roussell. Pg. 23 World Confederation of Physical Therapy. Pg. 25 Branch notes. Pg 27 Situations vacant. Pg. 30

May 1962, Vol. 3., No. 2 (40)

Editorial: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Pg. 4 J. W. Ardagh. Disturbances in Arterial Circulation. Pg. 5 Physiotherapy Staff, Palmerston North Hospital. Physiotherapy in conjunction with a Radcliffe Positive Pressure Respirator in a Case of Tetanus. Pg. 9 P. C. Sturgis & A. King. Hydrogymnastics. Pg. 12 R. G. Park. Tinea Pedis. Pg. 15 S. Paris Jnr. Spinal lesions. Pg. 16 J. A. Newman. Visiting Physyiotherapy. Pg. 20 Book reviews. Pg. 25 J. Mennell – Back pain J. R. Salas. Ultra sonic therapy in sinusitis. Pg. 26 K. N. Ritson. Interferential Therapy. Pg 27 Have you tried this? Pg. 28 P. N. F. refresher course. Pg. 32 Tak. Pg. 33 In appreciation of Mr. J. Renfrew White. Pg. 33 N. Z. School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 34 Branch notes. Pg 36. Kok Yee Yin writes from Malaya. Pg. 37 Situations vacant. Pg. 39

November 1962, Vol. 3., No. 3 (41)

Editorial: Taking Sights. Pg. 3 D.M. King. The Maintenance of Function following Injury. Pg. 4 I.A. Taylor. Manipulation. Pg. 9 I.C. Isdale. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis or Still’d Disease. Pg. 13 Robert McAdam. The Introduction and Establishment of Physical Therapy Services in Developing Countries: An Orientation for Physical Therapists. Pg. 16 R.O.H. Irvine. The Artificial Kidney. Pg. 21 Programme: New Zealand School of Physiotherapy 50th Jubilee, and New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists, 17th Dominion Conference. Pg. 24 R.H.T. Thompson. The Physiotherapy Survey 1961 B.D. McLeod. Have You Tried This? Nocturnal Collar. Pg. 29 G. Bremner Abel. The Artifical Limb. Pg. 30 World Confederation of Physical Therapy. Pg. 32 Book Review: Tidy’s Massage and Remedial Exercises, edited and revised by J.O. Wale. Pg. 34 Film Reviews: Developmental Tests in the Early Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. Pg. 35 Correspondence. Pg. 35 Te Korere. Pg. 36 Abstracts. Pg. 38 Branch Notes. Pg. 42 Council Notes. Pg. 43 Personal Notes. Pg. 43

May 1963, Vol. 3., No. 4 (42)

Editorial: Fifty years in retrospect. Pg.3 Editorial: Fifty years on. Pg. 4 S. V. Paris. Spinal Mechanics. Pg. 5 B. D. McLeod. Functional re-education in neurological disorders. Pg. 14 T. C. Highton. Some research and therapeutic aspects of rhematic diseases. Pg. 19 H. Jones. Work test. Pg. 12 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy Golden Jubilee. Pg 24 Miss M. L. Roberts, O.B.E. Pg 28 E. M. Gotts. The New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 31 Massage – 1894. Pg. 38 World Cofederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 40 Book reviews. Pg. 40 J. H. C. Colson & W. J. Armour – Sports injuries and their treatment E. Bolton & D. Goodwin – Pool exercises Selected abstracts from BMA. Pg. 41 Branch notes. Pg. 46 Personal notices. Pg 47 Council news. Pg 47

November 1963, Vol. 3., No. 5 (43)

Editorial. Pg. 3 D. E. Poswillo. Maxillo-facial injuries. Pg. 4 A. Donaldson & B. Gandevia. The physiotherapy of emphysema. Pg. 7 V. Croxford. Physiotherapy in obstetrics. Pg 21 R. Sheldon. Obstetrics in private practice. Pg. 23 A. Alldred. Sports injuries. Pg. 26 Te Karere. Pg. 29 Branch notes. Pg. 30 Council news. Pg. 31 Personal. Pg. 31 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 31 Book reviews. Pg 32 B. Thompson – Asthma and your child M. Ebner – Connective tissue massage: Theory and therapeutic application Abstracts. Pg. 33

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