Journal Catalogue - 1949 - 1954

Articles published in the NZ Journal of Physiotherapy from 1949 - 1954.

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April, 1949, No. 16

EDITORIAL / Cooperation. Pg. 3 ORIGINAL ARTICLES K. Severin Alstad. Treatment of some Cardiac Lesions. Pg. 5 M. Hollis. Some Points on the Principles and Method of Treatment of Cardiac Lesions by Physiotherapy. Pg.10 J. Pacey. Chest Therapy at Harefield County Hospital. Pg. 16 G.A.Q. Lennane. The Rollof the Physiotherapist on the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy. Pg. 20 GENERAL ARTICLES International Collaboration. Pg. 27 Occupational Therapy association. Pg. 28 Report of the Rheumatism Council. Pg. 29 Book Review. Pg. 30 REPORTS The N.Z. School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 31 Physiotherapy Students’ Association. Pg. 32 N.Z.T.M.A. Executive Report. Pg. 33 Branch Reports. Pg. 34 Personal News. Pg. 34 PROFESSIONAL CARDS Auckland. Pg. 36 Christchurch. Pg. 28 Dunedin. Pg. 35 Gisborne. Pg. 29 Hamilton. Pg. 29 Invercagill. Pg. 29 Tauranga. Pg. 19 Timaru. Pg. 28 Wellington. Pg. 32 Gore. Pg. 29 Hastings. Pg. 19

September, 1949, No. 17

ORIGINAL ARTICLES Editorial. Pg. 3 H. Warren Fitzgerald. Mould Arthroplasty of the Hip. Pg. 5 Elizabeth C. Gibson. Physical Treatment of Hip Arthroplasty. Pg. 7 Douglas Robb. Blue Babies. Pg. 11 F.B. Edmundson. Electro-Physiology. Pg. 13 Jean Horsley. Physiotherapy in South Africa. Pg. 17 Iris M. Raine. Orthopaedics with the Public Health Department in Norwich. Pg. 18 American Physical Therapy Association. Pg. 19 REPORTS Report of New Zealand School. Pg. 20 Physiotherapy Students’ Association. Pg. 20 N.Z.T.M.A. President’s Report Stop Press Branch Notes Social Notes Personal Notes PROFESSIONAL CARDS Auckland. Pg. 16 & 20 Christchurch. Pg. 6 Dunedin. Pg. 21 Gisborne. Pg. 4 Greymouth. Pg. 6 Hastings. Pg. 4 Hamilton. Pg. 9 Tauranga. Pg. 6 Timaru. Pg. 6 Wellington. Pg. 9 & 12

April, 1950, No. 18

ORIGINAL ARTICLES Editorial. Pg. 3 J.J. Brownlee. Physiotherapy in Plastic Surgery. Pg. 6 E.M. Gotts. Impressions of Physiotherapy in other Countries. Pg. 9 Vincent C. Pike. Headache. Pg. 22 A. Rowatt Brown. Overseas Impressions. Pg. 15 A.R.A. A Quiet Morning. Pg. 24 G.B. Abel. The Administration of Physiotherapists in New Zealand. Pg. 18 GENERAL ARTICLES E.M. Gott. Arthritis of the Shoulder Joint. Pg. 11 E.M. Gotts. Bisgaard’s Treatment for Varicose Ulcers. Pg. 12 Book Review. Pg. 29 X-ray and Physiotherapy. Pg. 27 N.Z.S.P. President’s Report. Pg. 35 Report of N.Z. Journal of Physiotherapy. Pg. 36 Branch Notes Social Notes Personal Notes REPORTS Report of New Zealand School. Pg. 31 Physiotherapy Students’ Association. Pg. 33 Final Examinations, 1949. Pg. 29 PROFESSIONAL CARDS Auckland. Pg. 4 & 21 Christchurch. Pg. 23 & 37 Dunedin. Pg. 30 Gisborne. Pg. 13 Greymouth. Pg. 17 Hamilton. Pg. 26 Bay of Plenty. Pg. 26 Timaru. Pg. 23 & 26 Tauranga. Pg. 26

September, 1950, No. 19

Editorial. Pg. 3 Cortical Hormones in the Rheumatic Affections. Pg. 5 Physiotherapy in Diseases of the Chest. Pg. 9 Pituitary-Adrenal Relationships. Pg. 14 Hydrotherapy. Pg. 14 Physiotherapy in Ear, Nose and Throat Condition. Pg. 21 President’s Report. Pg. 25 Report of the New Zealand School. Pg. 28 Physiotherapy at the Empire Games, 1950. Pg. 31 Bed Chair. Pg. 32 A Letter from Miss Glen Park. Pg. 33 New Zealand Trained Masseurs’ Assn.. Pg. 37 Branch Notes. Pg. 39 Students’ Association Report. Pg. 39 Social Notes. Pg. 39 Personal Notes. Pg. 40

April, 1951, No. 20

Editorial. Pg. 3 A.J. Campbell. Ankylosing Spondylitis. Pg. 5 A.Rowatt Brown. Cortical Hormones in Rheumatism. Pg. 12 W. Pike. Manipulative Surgery. Pg. 16 President’s Report. Pg. 22 Report of New Zealand School. Pg. 23 Stop Press. Pg. 24 Report of N.Z. Physiotherapy Students’ Association. Pg. 25 Notes on Talk Given to Auckland Branch. Pg. 27 Branch Notes. Pg. 30 Socail Notes. Pg. 31 Personal Notes. Pg. 32 Masseurs’ Registration Board. Pg. 35 Winners of Cups and Trophies. Pg. 38 Private Practitioners’ Lists. Pg. 39

September, 1951, No. 21

Editorial. Pg. 3 G.M. Goodson. Operative Treatment in Osteoarthritis of the Hip. Pg. 4 Adrenaline Cream for Massage. Pg. 9 N.Mortimer Valley. Referred Pain, Ischaemia and the Autonomics. Pg. 11 Report of N.Z. School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 15 N.W. Nisbet. Certain Affections of the Shoulder Joint. Pg. 17 The New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists. Pg. 22 Staff Movement. Pg. 23 Report of the Physiotherapy Students’ Association. Pg. 24 Branch Notes. Pg. 25 Personal Notes. Pg. 26 Private Practitioners’ Lists. Pg. 27

April, 1952, No. 22

Editorial. Pg. 2 D.G. Wallace. Ultra-Violet in Skin Diseases. Pg. 3 H. Keeling. Fibrostis. Pg. 4 Hydrogymnastic Technique. Pg. 5 Report of the President. Pg. 8 Review of Textbook of Medical Conditions for Physiotherapists. Pg. 11 E.A. Goodman. A Sling for Facial Paralysis. Pg. 12 Report of New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 13 J.O. Mercer. The Question of Compulsory Unionism. Pg. 14 Around the Branches. Pg. 16 Masseurs’ Registration Board. Pg. 18 Winners of Cups and Trophies. Pg. 20 Examination in Maternity Exercises and in Educational Gymnastics. Pg. 21 Private Practitioners’ List. Pg. 22

September, 1952, No. 23

Editorial. Pg. 2 New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists’ Twelfth Dominion Conference. Pg. 3 The History of Physiotherapy in New Zealand. Pg. 4 Rambles in Physiotherapy. Pg. 7 The Treatment of Paralytic Lesions. Pg. 10 E.J. Gardiner. Ward Maintenace. Pg. 14 B. Service. A Review of Ante and Post Natal Treatment. Pg. 17 The Stckholm and Copenhagen Conference. Pg. 23 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 25 Report of New Zealand School of Physiotherapy, June, 1952. Pg. 26 An Appeal for Medical Equipment. Pg. 27 Around the Branches. Pg. 27 Private Practitioners’ Lists. Pg. 31

April, 1953, No. 24

Editorial. Pg. 2 Brachial Neuritis. Pg. 3 Donald McPhee. Overseas Impressions. Pg. 7 Fulbright Foundation and Smith-Mundt Act. Pg. 9 J.J. Brownlee. The Burnt Hand. Pg. 10 Joan Campbell. Delegate’s Letter. Pg. 13 World Conference for physical Therapy. Pg. 14 B. Ball. Some Aspects of Speech Therapy. Pg. 16 E. Phillipp. The Psychological Aspect of Physiotherapy. Pg. 18 Report of the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 23 Obituary (U.V. Sarelius, and Miss Joan Campbell). Pg. 24 A. Allderd. Arthroplasty of the Hip with special reference to the Judet Operation. Pg. 25 Branch Notes. Pg. 28 New Zealand Physiotherapy. Pg. 31 State Examinations, 1952. Pg. 33 Trophies and Awards. Pg. 34 List of Practising Members. Pg. 34

September, 1953, No. 25

Editorial. Pg. 2 ARTICLES F.B. Edmundson. Sub-Deltoid Bursitis and its Treatment by Ultrasonic Energy. Pg. 3 G. Park. Rehabilitation in the United States. Pg. 6 Ultrasonics. Pg. 11 H. Kenrick Christie. Some Congenital Deformities. Pg. 15 GENERAL President’s Report. Pg. 21 Report of the Physiotherapy Students’ Association. Pg. 36 Report of New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 37 Branch Notes. Pg. 38 List of Private Practitioners. Pg. 39

April, 1954, No. 26

Guest Editorial. Pg. 3 ARTICLES N.W. Nesbit. Some Aspects of the Chronic Rheumatic Diseases. Pg. 4 C.M. Pike. Experiences in Electromyography. Pg. 8 G.L. Rolleston. Pulmonary Atelectasis. Pg. 14 Keith N. Ritson. The Practical Use of Ultrasonic Therapy. Pg. 20 H.J. Pow. Neuro-Muscular Testing. Pg. 25 Margaret McLachlan. The Training of Blind Physiotherapists. Pg. 28 BOOK REVIEW E.M. Gotts. “The Principles of Exercise Therapy,” by M. Dena Gardiner. Pg. 12 ILLUSTRATIONS Overhead Travelling Hoist. Pg. 13 Bary G. Williams. Traction table. Pg. 16 GENERAL Annual Statement of Receipts and Payments (N.Z.S.P.). Pg. 22 Report of N.Z. School of Physiotherapy. Pg. 24 Social Notes. Pg. 29 State Examination Results. Pg. 32 33 Private Practitioners’ List. Pg. 34

September, 1954, No. 27

Editorial. Pg. 3 J.F. Goodwin. The Principles of Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Heart Diseases. Pg. 4 P.M. Payne. Bisgaard Treatment for Ulceration of the Leg. Pg. 8 World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Pg. 10 J. Hickling. Deep Massage and Manipulation. Pg. 12 Book Review Pauline L.H. Fulton. Physiotherapy in Canada. Pg. 16 Vincent B. Pike. Manipulation Therapy. Pg. 18 A.B. Mckenzie. Surgery and Degenerative Arthritis. Pg. 22 Bruce Hay. Present trends in the Surgery of Osteoarthritis. Pg. 24 Social Notes. Pg. 27 List of Private Practitioners. Pg. 30

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