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Marketing Report - the need for change

Details of the marketing report 'the need for change' presented by Lee Gardiner to National Executive in August 1997.

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Lee Gardiner presented the Marketing Report  “The need for Change” to National Executive in August 1997

The National  Executive approved the following recommendations

  1. The Current spiderman logo is no longer appropriate for the needs of the Society and the use of it should be phased out.
  2. The NZSP adapt the new logo 1 as its corporate logo to promote the future imagine of the “evolving physiotherapist”
  3. The NZSP adopt the proposed marketing projects as outlined within “The need for Change” document so that formal completion of the plan can occur.
  4. The NZSP continues to use Graffix as the Marketing Company to assist NZSP to complete and implement the NZSP Strategic Marketing Plan.
  5. The NZSP ensure that strategies are in place within the Society to make available the necessary funds,  as agreed by National Executive,  to implement the Strategic Marketing Plan,  both in the concept and implementation stages.  It was agreed that a recommendation be made to the Finance Committee that up to $30,000 of surplus income from previous year be withdrawn from consolidated funds to complete and begin implementation of the Strategic Marketing Plan in 1997
  6. Lee will present the plan to the Finance Committee

Forward Planning -Priorities for 1998

There was a discussion on these,  and the following areas were identified for major focus in 1998.

  1. Marketing - Promotion of physiotherapy and NZSP;  Corporate Image (internal & external)
  2. Marketing Committee - To complete and implement the NZSP Strategic Plan both internally and externally.  To ensure that members and non-members are aware of ongoing competency requirements under the new Physiotherapy Act[1].

It was agreed that a recommendation be made to the Finance Committee that up to $30,000 of surplus income from the previous year be withdrawn from consolidated funds to complete implementation of the Strategic Marketing Plan in 1997.  A new logo was presented in October 1997,  not without difficulty in pleasing all sections.  National Office gradually replaced the logo on stationery and products.  Two new brochures,  a wall planner and poster were also developed and released at the end of the year.  Policies on communication and the use of the logo began.[2].

There was discussion in October 1997 about the need for a Marketing/PR type position in National Office on a part time or contract basis.  National Executive accepted the Committee’s recommendation to fund a part time public relations/communications officer role in 1998. 

World Physiotherapy Day was instituted by WCPT in 1997 and has been celebrated in New Zealand each year since with good local and national media coverage . Marketing via Public Relations escalated during 1997 as National Executive,  key members of the Society via Standing Committees and SIGs and Gail de Boer,  Executive Director,  have also networked with key stakeholders including funders,  policy makers,  politicians and other health provider groups etc.  Our profile continued to improve with all these groups and put us in a better position to negotiate on behalf of the physiotherapy services being provided to the New Zealand public.  A sightly larger budget for 1998 was heartening,  but some work was beyond the scope of a Standing Committee and needed to be addressed at National Office level in 1998[3].

In February 1998 the marketing Committee was commended on their work and it was agreed that marketing of the profession was a high priority for 1998.  A major focus of forward planning in 1998 was to implement the NZSP Strategic Plan,  both internally and externally.  Lee Gardiner presented the Draft Communications Policy to the AGM in May 1998,  comments from branches were still required.

A number of new marketing tools were produced in 1998[4] - a redraft of the Rights and Responsibilities brochure,  the Work Fit brochure,  a redraft of the acupuncture brochure as well as a Physiotherapy  “Tell the Change” poster and wall planner.  The new cover for the NZJP was well received.  NZSP mouse pads were given away at the marketing presentation at the Napier Biennial Conference.  By the end of the year the new marketing kit was near completion and the development of the members marketing resource book was well under way. [5]

The Marketing Committee prepared drafts and estimates for a Marketing Handbook and a Promotional Kit in October 1998 requiring the whole marketing budget allocation. 

The Marketing Committee still desperately needed new members in 1998.  Work would be much less now that the strategic plan had been developed,  the image and direction for the Society determined and the new public relations/communication position at National Office soon to be filled[6].

The position of Public Relation/Communications Officer was filled in July 1999 with the appointment of Genevieve Morrissey.  By September 1999 she had started setting up a NZSP web site with the help of “Extrados”.  Members were able to view the draft site and their comments requested.

Goals and actions for marketing were incorporated in the NZSP Corporate Plan 1999/2000.  The Marketing Committee were asked to give their suggestions for future involvement of the Committee in February 1999.

The question of whether direct access to physiotherapists for treatment should be advertised was discussed in July 1999.  It was decided in November 1999 that the cost of advertising in national newspapers was prohibitive and not necessarily productive;  instead it was decided to advertise in specialist magazines such as sport or gardening,  and to allow individual members to do their own advertising.

The employment of a skilled Communications Officer meant that many of the activities carried out by the Marketing Committee could be transferred to National Office,  thus relieving committee members of time consuming and demanding activities.  The network of branch and SIG marketing Liaison Officers was further developed,  with Marketing Committee members given the option to advise on any issues across all areas of the profession.  A unanimous decision was made by National Executive that the Marketing Committee be disestablished as from 31 December 1999.



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