1984 Public Relations Sub Committee - Rickey Knight,  Steve White,  Peter Larmer, co-opted
May 1984 A Working Party on Public Relations - Erwin Drok,  Carol Cowan,  Steve White and Dawn Birrell.
1988 Peter Larmer,  Erwin Drok,  Donna Hickmott,  Lil Bruynell,  Steve White
February 1988 Two new members co-opted  Andrea Williams and Murray Hames Kirsty Powell joined the Committee in July 1988.
1989 E.Drok,  Lillian Bruynell,  Kirsty Powell,  Andrea Williams,  Murray Hamer,  Craig Murray
1990 Erwin .Drok,  Ann Broadfoot;  Kirsty Powell,  Jane Culpan,  Craig Murray,  Raewyn Newcomb (Retail)
1991 Erwin Drok,  Ann Broadfoot,  Kirsty Powell,  Eric Drombroski,  Eileen Lamb.
1992 Erwin . Drok,  Ann Broadfoot,  Kirsty Powell,  Eric Dombroski,  Eileen Lamb, Nick Duggan,  Moira Hughes
1994 The Working Party consisted of Lee Gardiner (Chair) and Philippa Wade,  Neil Beney,  and co-opted help from Nell Dawson (National Executive representative) and Glen Gallagher (NZPPA representative).
1994 Lee Gardiner,  Philippa Wade,  Nell Dawson
1995 Lee Gardiner,  Nell Dawson,  Pip Wade;   McMos  - Richard Hopkins
1996 Pip Wade,  Lee Gardiner,  Nell Dawson plus co-opted Fiona Murdoch and Cameron Crawford.   McMos - Richard Hopkins
1997 Pip Wade,  Lee Gardiner,  Carol Armitage.
1998 Marketing Committee - Lee Gardiner,  Carol Armitage




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