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Journal Committee Members

A list of the journal committee members from 1973 to 1998

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1973 June Gardiner,  Joan Derbridge & Enid Whiteling.
1974 Miss Simmers Editor and Committee Mrs. P. Barfooot, Mrs. S. Simcock and Miss B. Millar.
2/12/78 Michael Lamont and group.
4/2/82 Miss Clague,  Miss Findlayson,  Miss Pryor,  Mrs. McMyn,  Mrs. Moon,  Mr. Mulligan -  Gay Wood Editor.
1984 Mr. Lowdon Editor;  Margaret Jack - Advertising Manager
21/7/84 Editor Rockie Lowdon Committee J.Sanford,  J.Pryor,  Julie Stewart,  Dawn Birrell and Margaret Jack as Advertising Manager.
1985 R.Lowdon,  Julie Sandford,  Dawn Birrell,  Peter Brown,  Jennifer Pryor.
1986 Rockie Lowdon Editor,  Dawn Birrell,  Michael Lamont,  Julie Sanford
1987 Bryan Paynter,  Michael Lamont,  Mark Steptoe,  Jane .Baker
1988 Bryan Paynter Editor & Advertising Manager,  Mark Steptoe,  Jane Baker,  Michael Lamont
1989 Bryan Paynter  Editor & Advertising),  Mark Steptoe,  Janet Hanger,  Michael Lamont
1990 Bryan Paynter (Editor & Advertising),  Mark Steptoe,  Michael Lamont
1991 Bryan Paynter,  Editor & Advertising,  Mark Steptoe,  Michael Lamont
1992 Bryan Paynter,  Editor & Advertising Michael Lamont,  Robin Grote
1993 B.Paynter, Editor & Advertising Manager, Committee - Michael Lamont,  Robin Grote, Paul Kelly.
1994 B Paynter,  Editor & Advertising,  Michael Lamont,  Robin Grote,  Sandra Bassett
1995 B. Paynter,  M. Lamont,  Sandra Bassett
1996 Sandra Bassett Editor;  B.Paynter,  Peter Larmer.
1997 Sandra Bassett,  Peter Larmer,  Susan Mercer,  Margaret Moon, Peter Larmer, Bryan Paynter.
Sandra Bassett,  Susan Mercer,  Bryan Paynter,  Darren Rivett,  Elizabeth Culav


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