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Oral histories

Listen to the history of physiotherapy in Aotearoa New Zealand through the personal stories of notable physiotherapists.


  • Rob McKenzie

    mckenzie profile Rob talks about his training and early private practice in Wellington in the 1950s and 60s, about discovering his 'method,'... Read more
  • Fran Elkin

    Fran Elkin and students Fran talks about her work in London and Auckland before being involved in establishing the new school in Auckland (Auckland... Read more
  • Jean Buswell

    Jean talks about training in Scotland and moving to Wellington to work with Rob McKenzie. Read more

  • Jean Wilson

    In this brief excerpt, Jean talks about her training in England and her experiences of physiotherapy treatment after the war before moving to New Zealand to practice. Read more

  • Jennifer Pryor

    Jennifer talks about her training, her early work in Christchurch, her collaboration with Heath and Bunny Thompson, and moving to the Brompton Hospital in London. Read more

  • Jo Scrymgeour

    Jo talks about her training and work in Rotorua and Auckland. Read more

  • Joan Walker

    Joan talks about deciding to do physiotherapy, research and gaining her masters degree, WCPT (now known as World Physiotherapy) and gaining her doctorate. Read more

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