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Physiotherapy Board

Extracts from 'Moving On: A History of the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapy 1973-1999' by Jo Scrymgeour. In 2000 Jo was commissioned by the NZSP to produce the book which followed on from Enid Anderson's earlier history of the Society (titled 'New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists: Golden Jubilee 1923-1973'). Jo has kindly agreed to including the original text files for the book here.


  • Competency

    The NZ Physiotherapy Board has a standard of professional competency required by physiotherapists on completion of their training. Read more

  • Complaints and Discipline

    Though the boundary between complaints dealt with by the Society and those dealt with by the Physiotherapy Board was sometimes unclear the Physiotherapy Board has always dealt with serious cases. Read more

  • Composition and Management of the Board

    Originally members of the Physiotherapy Board were nominated by branches and voted on by Council. Read more

  • Massage

    When the Massage Parlour’s Bill was passed in September 1978 it was done without the deletion of items which the select Committee had agreed to, resulting in conflict betwen the Physiotherapy Act and the Massage Parlour’s Act. Read more

  • Masseurs Registration Board

    Originally the Board was known as the Masseurs Registration Board, set up when the Masseurs Registration Act was passed in 1920. Read more

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